Energized, Encouraged, Emerging

The first half of 2013 has really flown by with a lot of encouraging signs of life!

If I were to describe the RdC network’s comings and goings throughout Latin America this quarter it would be: alive, hopeful, life giving and moving forward with anticipation of what God is doing among His church in the region!

DCC is blessed with the opportunity to come alongside the networks and facilitate the connections for leadership exchanges, teaching and envisioning connections, and sharing of the stories that re generated all along the Way.    

We encourage you to check out what is happening, pray for the networks “new” and “old”, and consider giving towards the powerful possibilities that come through relationships, gatherings and the space we make to connect for the Kingdom. Read these stories from the RdC and be inspired! 

Costa Rica: 

Comunidad Cristiana Shalom, a leader and founding church of the Costa Rican Network held leadership gathering for churches of its region and from all of areas where RdC churches are serving in April. From all reports this gathering was inspirational and challenging, resulting in stronger commitment and obedience to our call to be a part of God’s transformative actions in the world.  

Roy Soto from CCS, Alberto Castro from CCA, Ricardo Salazar from Vida Abundante, DR network leader Fausto Liriano from El Circulo, among others, brought fresh and challenging teaching from God’s word.  

The core practitioner church leaders of the network gathered for a 2 day retreat to recommit their active participation in the movement, reflect on the theology and mission of the Kingdom that is presented in the scriptures, and invest time in just being together to deepen the vital friendships.


Carlos Herfst, a leader of the RdC Guatemala coordinating community, invited Alberto Castro (RdC CR) to Guatemala in late April early May to share with the Presbyterian church leadership and seminary students and connect with network leaders.  

Alberto spoke to the young leaders in the network in Xela, visited churches, and inspired a group of urban churches in Guatemala City at a gathering. 

This was Alberto’s first trip to Guatemala and his impact on the church leaders, which are coming out of traditional conservative backgrounds, catalyzed repentance and an embracing of the integral mission of the church!

Dominican Republic: 

The DR Network realized a regional gathering in the southwest region of Barahona in March. Domingo Mendez, the current RdC DR National Coordinator, traveled with Esdras Kelly and Alfredo Hernadez to meet, pray with, listen to, teach, and inspire the pastors that are being encouraged by Esteban Marinez, the RdC regional coordinator.  

On May 24th, the DR Network is planning “Salt and Light – Shaking up our Communities for the Kingdom”, an intensive one day all-Network gathering hosted by Iglesia Comunitaria Altos de Sion in Santo Domingo. The DR network leaders are dreaming of a day filled with inspirational teaching and invited Roy Soto and Alberto Castro from Costa Rica as well as RdC veteran leader Robert Guerrero, who will be coming in from New York city. Roy, Alberto, and Robert will teach alongside other national Network leaders.

RdC Mexico:
The emerging network in Mexico, based out of the Federal District, continued to build up steam as the small-but-committed group connected, encouraged and learned anew scriptures as they continue to discover the integral nature of the Kingdom narrative and God’s mission.   

Informal gatherings have been taking place among the friends of the network and on June 13th, friends from Guadalajara, Tenancingo, Monteery, Puebla, and Mexico City will gather for a larger encounter.   

In part they will be blessing and saying goodbye to Edesio Sanchez, Biblical Theologian, Old Testament Scholar and pastor who moved to Mexico last year from Costa Rica where he was based with the International Bible Society and connected with the RdC there. Edesio blessed the network participants in Mexico with his incredible teaching and in-depth bible studies.

The Mexican pastors and leaders found an ally and friend in Edesio. That kind of connection is representative of the kinds of spaces for relational depth that the network seeks to engender. 

James Henderson, RdC Mexico leader, writes:

“These gatherings have generated a commitment in all of us to what God wants to restore, and they open up so many doors and avenues for us to get connected and serve all out in His mission. Since we have been coming together as a network of friends, our vision is larger than limited, and that gets us excited.  Several are taking on leadership roles for the coordination of the network in the various contexts where we are presently gathering and we have all been blown away by the friendships that are forming, the mutual concern and care that exists among us, and the collective desire to want to learn more about Kingdom living as friends.  We are constructing networks that manifest the Kingdom for the well-being of our cities, environment and our souls."


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