2014 WEBINAR SERIES: Exploring Integral Mission

Exploring Integral Mission
Who's idea is it, Why is it important, and What does it look like.

We believe that God's heart is for ministry to be done wholistically- incorporating evangelism, discipleship, and community transformation in a local context.

This year's webinar series will explore the understanding and practice of "integral" or "wholistic" mission. There are a lot of ideas to unpack here...join us for what promises to be a valuable and provoking discussion!

Join us as we start our 2014 series and explore the theological motivation and foundation behind integral ministry: 

  • The Church & Integral Mission In November we talked about what it means to ‘reinterpret God’s vision’ for the church as a sign and foretaste of the kingdom. LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVE
  • Networks: Connecting for Wholistic Change (PART 2) We review the essential aspects of Upside-Down Kingdom networks and talk about how to facilitate and sustain an organic, decentralized network. We also talk about how the RdC Network movement in Latin America was born and how it has evolved. LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVE
  • Networks: Connecting for Wholistic Change (PART 1) Learn about  some unique aspects and functions of a network.  We will also briefly explore how the different bonding, bridging, and linking mechanisms work to help foster relational ties of trust at different points within a network that can lead toward whole system change.  LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVE
  • Integral Mission & the Kingdom of God God’s Kingdom is a new Way that is to be distinct from this world’s way of operating. When we understand our role and the church’s role from within this “Kingdom of God” framework, it will change the way we relate to God as our Parent and the one true leader and KING of this world. LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVE 
  • missio Dei: Biblical Foundations for Integral Mission  When people think about integral or wholistic mission, a logical starting place is to focus our attention around models, programs, and place. We often start with the questions: “What am I going to do?” and “How am I going to do it?” LISTEN TO THE ARCHIVE


DCC's Conversations Along the Way Webinar Series is an on-line space where we explore what the Kingdom of God teaches us about walking together with ministry partners.

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