Connecting for Good Through Just Relationships

DCC cultivates healthy partnerships within the global church, strengthening and releasing the gifts of the Body of Christ in order to serve the common good. We do this through church-to-church partnerships, global networks, and kingdom investment opportunities.

Research suggests that relational connectedness is key to catalyzing change. Del Camino Connection cultivates healthy global relationships through networks of churches rooted in friendship, mutuality, and shared participation, all of which are foundational to Christian community.

 "With so many lives and kingdom resources at stake, the experience of DCC has taken our partnerships to another level. Over this past year…the richest conversations that led to a greater understanding of Kingdom activity have been in the presence of DCC and the leaders of the Red Del Camino Network." – Rick Gannon, Pastor Palm Valley Church (Mission, TX)

At the core of DCC is our commitment to Just Relationships,” a relational model of missions based on:

  • friendship
  • mutuality
  • shared participation in God’s restorative mission in the world.

What We Do

By concentrating on the collective good that comes through “Just Relationships,” DCC’s network of global friendships influence and impact the lives of individuals and communities all over the world.

We do this in three ways:

1. Church-to-Church Partnerships
DCC coaches mission pastors and church leaders as they navigate the complexities of cross-cultural relationships. We offer church-to-church partnership training based on the “Just Relationships” model. DCC also mentors leaders who are seeking to transform short-term missions experiences into potential long-term opportunities for reconciliation, restoration, and justice.

2. Global Networks

Rather than duplicating or developing our own isolated efforts of doing good and seeking justice in the world, DCC catalyzes and connects communities of faith that share a common vision for restoration and reconciliation. These communities are already actively engaged in their local contexts in creative and innovative ways.

For example, the Red del Camino (RdC) Network for Integral Mission in Latin America and the Caribbean is a grassroots movement of local churches seeking the Gospel-centered restoration of all areas of life.To date, the visionary servant leaders of the RdC and their local churches have inspired and influenced countless others in North America and around the globe.

As a result, more and more of God’s resources are being released, bringing lasting transformation to communities in contexts of great need.

3. Kingdom Investment Opportunities
Generous people are becoming increasingly engaged in where their charitable contributions are directed. People want to know that their donations actually make an impact in people’s lives. And they also deeply desire to connect with those on the front lines of ministry who are inspiring hope and bringing tangible change in contexts of great need.

DCC loves to share the stories of real people and churches around the world that are working creatively to transform their communities in small ways that have big impact. As we learn about healthy church-based, grass-roots initiatives around the world, we share these stories to those in the Body who are able to support, accompany, and invest.

We believe so strongly in the upside-down nature of these types of connections, that 100% of the donations we receive are given directly to these church-based initiatives.